Quality & Safety

The Metrinch Wall Drive profile is not the only feature we rely on. The steel our tools are made of forms another important aspect. To achieve the best, it is imperative to use a steel alloy this being chrome vanadium 46CrV4, which provides a margin of safety, particularly in conditions involving extreme stresses. We also attach great value to product finish, all our tools are chrome-plated and polished. This is not just for visual reasons, but because it provides the most effective protection against rust, even in extreme conditions. We take the principles of on-the-job safety and accident prevention very seriously. The patented Metrinch Wall Drive profile has been precisely calculated to ensure a secure and even application of torque to the flats of a nut or bolt and not to the corners. In most instances the greater the force applied to a Metrinch tool the more positive the grip becomes thus minimising the risk of injury to an operator which may be caused through a socket or a spanner slipping off a fastener. Laboratory test results prove that torque loadings of 1.5 times greater than those possible with a conventional socket can be achieved using a Metrinch tool.